Michael Lebowitz/LongRun Photography


The Ultra Ethnography uses ethnographic methods, including:

  • online interview and questionnaire;

  • participant observation; and,

  • artefact collection


Participation for all in The Ultra Ethnography will involve completing an online interview and questionnaire (now live!). This task requires approximately 60 minutes to complete. The interview and questionnaire is available and can be accessed through the button below.


The Ultra Ethnography also includes observations at various ultramarathons around the world in 2016 and 2017. If you participate in the project and find yourself at one or more of these ultras, you are welcome and encouraged to participate in the observations.


It is our hope to collect as many stories from the ultrarunning community as possible. Please consider participating and sharing the projet with others.

Myke Hermsmeyer
Nate Baker
Ken Schuh