verb   |   ul·tra·runn·ing   |   \ŭl′trə-rŭn′ĭng\
 : running beyond the marathon distance; further than           42,195m;
 : denoting participation in an ultramarathon, a footrace       longer than 42,195m;
 : the process of running into the unknown -physically,         mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

“Any idiot can run a marathon...

It takes a special kind of idiot to run an ultramarathon.”

- Alan Cabelly -


noun   |   eth·nog·ra·phy   |   \eth-ˈnä-grə-fē\
 : the study of human races and cultures;
 : the branch of anthropology dealing with the                       description and systematic recording of human cultures;
 : a descriptive and creative work produced from       ethnographic research
Michael Lebowitz